My 2004 Mazda6 has all the options, but no factory-installed iPod connector for the Bose stereo. With a specially-made adapter from RPM, the factory stereo can be adapted to work with any modern iPod.

The adapter uses a combination of controls on the iPod and the factory radio, and (if equipped) the steering wheel controls. For this reason, if you choose to use this adapter, you will want to have access to the iPod when it’s in use. For this reason, I’ve opted to mount the iPod to the dash, using a custom bracket for the Mazda6. These brackets use mount points that are already part of the vehicle, so no drilling or modification is necessary to install them.

The complete install took about an hour. To remove the console, I strongly suggest you watch this video.

RPM was also very helpful with all the questions I had before the install, so if you have a question, feel free to ask or send RPM an email about their product.

Installing an iPod Connector in a Mazda6
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3 thoughts on “Installing an iPod Connector in a Mazda6

  • I have a 2004 with the Bose stereo also. Did you have to open up the stereo and sodder something or is that only for the non-bose stereos?

  • I bought the ipod interface from RPM and installed it. No joy for me. The interface would charge my ipod however the stereo would not switch over to the ipod.

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