Dallas has been supporting two major airports since the 70’s. But there was a time when people feared it could only handle one. The over-used Dallas Love Field (DAL) was “replaced” with Dallas Ft.Worth International Airport (DFW) in 1973. At the time, officials worried airlines would keep their comfy spots at Love Field and not make the costly move to DFW.

As usually happens, legislation was passed forcing airlines to move. The Wright Amendment restricted flights to and from DAL (and other airports) to force airlines to use DFW.

Fast forward a few years….

Southwest Airlines, the largest domestic airline in the US, calls DAL home. They’ve been forced to live with the Wright Amendment and have established bases at Houston Hobby (HOU) and St. Louis Lambert (STL) specifically to allow flights to get passengers from their hub in DAL to their hub at Chicago Midway (MDW).

The Wright Amendment expires next month. Southwest has been waiting. They’re fixing to expand operations at DAL quickly on October 13, the day the amendment expires.

But now, Dallas has told Delta Airlines they have to leave DAL. Delta currently uses two gates at DAL and flies to Atlanta. That service ends on October 12.

I find it amazing that the expiration of an amendment specifically designed to reduce traffic at Love Field finds the city actively reducing traffic, and competition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Southwest loyal customer, and I welcome the expiration. I just can’t understand how the city of Dallas believes it’s a good idea to throw an airline out.

Dallas Kicks Delta Out of DAL?

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