To further expand my post from yesterday, today was the first day for new approach plates since I’ve been playing with SkyCharts. I have my iPad configured to download and save 8 en-route charts (which includes plates for all airports within those charts). VFR data was not up for refresh, so this update only applies to IFR plates and en-route charts.

Upon launching SkyCharts, it prompted me that some data was out of date, and asked if now was a good time to update (great idea developers). I tapped Yes, and it began downloading the 8 charts and associated plates.

Remember, because the iPad does not currently multitask, you must leave SkyCharts running for the downloads to continue. You may, however, use the program while it downloads.

I can’t say for certain how much data was downloaded, but it took a couple of hours to finish.

You can, however, interrupt the download at any time, by simply launching a different app on the iPad. SkyCharts will resume downloading when you launch it again.

Oh, and did I mention, the updates are free.

Update: SkyCharts Approach Plate Updates

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