I am a graduate of Southern Illinois University in the Information Systems Technology program. Currently I  own a computer services business, which my cousin and I started when I was 18. I have previously served as the IS Manager for a local bank and the web master and web-based course administrator for a community college.

I am an instrument rated commercial pilot and flight instructor based in Marion, Illinois (KMWA) and can often be found flying my 1975 Piper Cherokee SIX 300. I earned my license on July 25, 2007, following in my father’s footsteps, and became instrument rated on June 1, 2010, and a commercial pilot in September 2017. I became a flight instructor (CFI) in December 2017.

I would imagine that my close friends would describe me as opinionated, because I seem to have a reasonably firm standpoint on everything (as if you didn’t notice).

I am married to a wonderful woman — thanks to Drew for initiating that one — and the father of two beautiful daughters.

It takes two people to make a friendship, if you’re not willing to give as much as you’d like to receive from that friendship, you are not supporting your half. One person can only carry a friendship/relationship so far and then he/she will break under the pressure. Remind your loved ones that you love them, and never wake up angry…life is too short to waste it on trying to be angry at people. Being happy and going with the flow is so much easier.